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Challenge Casino Review

Challenge Casino Logo Challenge Casino is under the new management of Casino Rewards. This is a respected member of the casino industry and they have the experience and financial ability to make a casino a good place to play. Challenge Casino went live in 1999 and has the full compliment of casino games in slots and table games. The slot game total is over 90 games with 15 of them being progressive slots. The table games are the standard and most popular games like craps, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. There are other table games like 3Card Poker and Bonus Pai Gow Poker.

The first time player at this casino has a significant bonus plan to take advantage of by the size of their deposits. The first deposit is matched at a 25 percent rate and a maximum bonus of $800. The second deposit is matched at a rate of 50 percent and up to a $150 bonus. The third deposit is matched at a rate of 100 percent and up to a $50 bonus. Before taking advantage of this bonus plan a player should always read the withdrawal rules for taking money out of the real money account. This is true for any casino you wish to play on.

Challenge Casino Review Other bonus plans that the Challenge Casino offers to its players are the referral program and the loyalty program. The referral program is a three-tiered system that gets the referrer bonuses on their referrals and bonuses on the referrals referrals and then again for one more level. As you can see this would give a person a chance to take in some very nice bonus money from just the referral program.

The loyalty program will work very well for the active player as points are awarded for wagers made depending on the game that is played. The more a player wagers, the more loyalty points the player will receive. These points can then be converted to cash or used in any other way the casino sets up in their loyalty plan. This program is in effect a thank you from the casino for a player supporting the casino by playing their games. Most casinos use this program to set up special deals for active players.

Deposit and withdrawal methods include credit cards and money transfer wallets like Neteller and Click2 Pay. Players that have any questions about either transaction should use the Live Chat to get instant answers to their questions.

Customer support is handled via Live Chat, email and phone. Support can be used for any question or concern that customers feel they need to have an answer too. The staff will resolve most questions over Live Chat if at all possible.

Players that are slot players have a large number of slot games to choose from. Those that want to take a chance for a big win can do so on one of the 15 Progressive slots that are offered. The chance to win a really large jackpot is always an attraction to a customer no matter what their bankroll size. A small risk for a large return is like honey to a bear where the casino player is concerned.

Those that wish to try a casino for a day of play or more would be wise to try as many casinos as they think fit the bill and meet their personal requirements. If Challenge Casino feels right for you, give it a try and see if it fits. The right casino is a personal preference and the only way to make a final choice is to try the casinos that seem right after reading and looking around online.


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