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Online Casino Promotions

Online casino promotions include money, prizes, special deposit programs, referral programs and loyalty programs. There are other promotions like free spins, free time and free small credits to new players. All of these promotions are put into play for two reasons, which are to attract new players and to keep existing player happy with the casino. The online casino business is a fierce battle between casinos to keep and attract players to their site. The competition is all about growing the customer base, as any casino worth its salt knows that the number of players will determine the profitability of the online casino. The more the customer base is grown by whatever method, the more money the casino will make each month. The promotions as mentioned can be broken into two areas; the attraction of new players and the maintaining of the existing customer base. Offering incentives for the new player to try the site and give the casino a chance to strut its stuff does the attraction part. Ongoing promotions, that are put in play for the existing customers, are designed to keep these players happy and as a thank you for playing on the site.

You can break each promotion to the player it is designed to reach. Money is used in both areas of promotions and it works for online casino. The initial matching bonuses are given to attract new players into opening a money account. The free spins, free time and free money are all designed to get a player to try the casino with the hope that they will stay and play more. The free spins are offered to the possible slot player and are usually 200 to 300 free spins on a selected slot game. The free time and money are offered together and give the player from 15 minutes to one hour of free play using the stake provided by the casino.

After a player becomes an existing player at the casino, the offers in the form of promotions continue and are accepted by many players. Most casinos have reload programs where they give a matching bonus to a player who makes a deposit. Most gamblers have friends who are also gamblers. Any existing player can refer a friend and receive a referral bonus if the friend opens a money account. In some casinos they will receive a small percentage of future deposits by this same new customer. This a nice way for the player to get some string less money in their account and also the casino gets a new player. One of the very interesting promotions that casinos offer is the Loyalty Program. This program gives the players points for activity and as a reward for time as a client. These points can be converted to prizes, free spins or cash payments. The number of point s player accumulates is dependent on how active they are when visiting the casino. Active players will get many points and once in a while players are rewarded, but not as well as the very active players. The prizes are small to large value items and the cash payments can be small to large. Free play is a neat award and does offer the player the chance to win some significant sums of money.

All in all the promotions are designed to keep the players playing and continuing their relationship with the casino. The free stuff is an inducement to players who are looking for a place to play. Trying a casino on for size is all the casinos are asking with the hope that this trial will convert to an active player.


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