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The rules of 7-card stud

The rules of 7-card studAfter this first round in 7-card stud, the second, there is every remaining player follows yet to be dealt one card face up. Then in 7-Card Stud begins with one of the worst cards on the betting round. If three players play 7-Card Stud, Player 1 would have the cards on 2 and 4, Player 2 hielte a lady and a boy and three players had a couple of fours before him, so Player 1 would have to act first. After this round of betting is finished, comes the third, again is now a player is dealt one card face up and again one must act now with the weakest open hand first. Read more »

Razz Poker – the rules

Razz Poker - the rulesRazz is a slightly fancier version of poker but nonetheless many, especially those who have had enough of Texas Hold ’em, find much favor. So it is offered in most casinos in the world and is an integral part of the “HORSE” Poker, a mix of five different poker games (which is on this blog in a few weeks too). In Las Vegas annually find Razz tournaments with millions profits. Can thus learn to know this exciting form of poker and win money so we provide them with only the rules and give them tips for the game. Read more »


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