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Value embed learning in Omaha

Beds with value meant the raising of an opponent or even the beds, with which one wants to tease him to call with a worse hand, or raise even. The special thing about Omaha is that there are so many players who are ready with bad hands raise. They can also very well read in their poker software. Bluffing is the exact opposite of value beds and in Omaha anything but profitable, the same goes for the live poker. Bluffing in Omaha works only partially, because many players can assess their hand and are also not even in the episode not willing to fold to a bluff. Read more »

How to endure the professionals, the variance in Omaha

We welcome you to a new article here on our blog, which deals with everything they should know about the subject jm Omaha Hold Em. Omaha Hold’em is to know how they might, the little sister of Texas Hold Em, and has much in common with this, but not all. Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawback of this otherwise very profitable variant of poker is very high variance. But what does variance exactly? So you are always on the best available and well, Read more »


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