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The Making of a Poker Player by Matt Matros

Matt Matros finished in third place in the WPT Championship 2004. In this book we follow his development from an amateur player to a hardened professional mixing it up with the best poker players in the world. Matros tells stories from different tournaments he’s played in and explains how they influenced him as a player. He writes about the terrible mistakes he made as a beginner, the luck which saved him on many occasions and the cunning Read more »

Mind-Blowing Accuracy

Given that a nature-new Continental GTC lists for just answerable to $200,000, it might and main be an vouchsafement worth because of for the 28-year-old dandy – provided she’s got the poker maw to hang with Sexton. “Fortune may be on her side in many ways, but when it comes to Bentleys it noticeably doesn’t seem to be the case,” said. “We’re untimorous Mike Sexton would win.” Read more »


The order of importance of combinations of cards in the Heads Up Poker is different from the scale of scores of poker with more players. This is due to several reasons: firstly, having faced just one opponent, you have to compare the weight of the cards in your hand only on the card of one other person. In a game of poker with 10 people you have to compare your chances of winning with those of other 9 players. Read more »


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