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Richard Toth

Richard Toth: One more name has been added to the list of the New Blood of World Series of Poker money makers (not him). One of the latest to enter the hallowed lists of the NBWSOPMMs is Richard Toth, not to be confused with Richard Hatch, who shares a first name, a last name with some of the same letters, and the same challenge of having to pay taxes on a welcome windfall of cash. Read more »

Toth profile

Now that Toth is a member of the NBWSOPMM, he is on the watch list of ESPN and any other poker reporting agency, hoping that he pulls of a win later in the season, or next year, so they can have an easy touch back, like this: “Richard Toth, who places second in Event 27 of the 2006 WSOP…” Read more »


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