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Free Online Casino Cash Bonuses Portal

Free Casino Time

Free Casino Time is all about the latest attraction that some casinos are using to get new customers to try their luck at the casino's online website. The way this advertisement is promoted is the stated fact that the casino will let you have an amount of money to gambles with in a slot game or in some cases on some table games. The player needs to play the money as they wish for a maximum of an hour on most casinos that offer this inducement to play on their site. Any winnings over the starting money are then credited to the players account and can be used the same as other bonus money in wagers. The withdrawal rules will govern if you can take in out of the account. Most casinos have a play through requirement before you can have any access to the winnings. The more they allow you to play and the longer you can play are factors on whether you will win any extra money over the temporary stake. This free time and betting stake are given in hopes the player will enjoy their playing on the site and even win a small amount of money that will induce them to further fund their account and continue to play. The possibility of a large win is taken out of the range of outcomes as most casinos that offer this new customer play cap the winnings. The chance of a player staying after the free time and stake are up in the air as the casinos do not give out any stats on what the conversion rate is for these players. The guess is it must work enough to make it pay for itself and therefore the casinos will continue the offer in the future. As most layers know, the casino works on the law of large numbers and a fixed percentage of profit per $100 bet. Each casino knows to the penny how much they make per $100 bet and they know their conversion of new players to active long-term players. Casino managers are very well informed about their stats and they know what they need to do to get players online.

Another aspect of the free time on any casino is the player gets to experience the thrill of winning and the fun of playing in a real money game. There is a huge difference between the real money games and the play money games. Real money is very different due to the emotions that players attach to their money. Play money has no such emotional tie. The play money games are great for practice and trying out strategies and watching the results. Real money games need a different attitude and mindset to play well. Money is the way a player keeps score and a good score on free casino time may make a player stay and play many more times. This is the hope of the casinos that offer this reason to give their casino a try. Slot games that are open to this free time are usually regular slots as the progressives would not be as much fun to play during the time limit. There are fewer winning spins in progressive slots than there are in regular slots. For this reason most of the free time casinos use regular slot games as the slots that can be played during the free time. They also cap the amount that will be credited to a player's account at the end of the free period. Finally, the idea must work as more and more casinos are now offering the free time of play and some even have raised the stake to an even higher level.

If you want to play for fun and experience all of the different casino games that are out there, you can do that as well, without signing up or committing yourself to paying. For instance you can play free blackjack to your hearts content and then if you feel confident, you always have the option to play for money if you so desire. It is a great way to gain experience on many different games and familiarise yourself with strategy.


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