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Free Online Casino Cash Bonuses Portal

Free Casino Cash

Free Casino Cash comes as enhancements to deposits, referral bonuses and loyalty rewards to the casino's customers. The deposit matches are the first one that most players see, although there are casinos that will credit a new player's account with a small deposit of say $50 without any money put up by the player. The matching bonuses can be any percentage of the first or other deposits that the casino wants it to be. Some are extremely liberal with their deposit matches and some are very tight. It is a casino decision and the need for the casino to attract new players to its online website. Many casinos then offer matches on further deposits, usually at a declining percentage. Many casinos offer specials during any given month for what they refer to as reload bonuses. All of these bonuses are designed to keep the player active so the amount bet by all casino customers will stay at a higher level and the percentages of wins will work in the casinos favor. Each casino knows to the penny how many dollars they will get out of every $100 bet by their customers. The more total dollars bet, the more profit the casino will make in any given quarter. The incentives that are offered to players are designed to keep money in the account and keep the player coming back to the casino and gambling their money.

Referral bonuses are an easy way for customers to be rewarded extra money by referring friends to the casino. If the referral works and the friend opens an account, the existing customer will receive $25 to $50 referral bonus. Some casinos even give a further reward of a percentage of every deposit that the new customer makes after the first deposit. This is a reward that has absolutely no strings attached like play through requirements or other withdrawal rules that must be met before the money can be withdrawn. This is a bonus that almost every player can get by referring his or her friends. Referring active players to a casino is a great way to get more money in your account.

Many casinos reward their most active players and keep them active by the use of common bonuses rewarded from a loyalty program. Most loyalty programs are point systems that are earned by playing a great deal and by making deposits. As the points accumulate, they can be used to play in special games, free pulls on slot machines and converted into cash. Each point has a set value and can be used in many different ways. The player can convert them into cash and take it home. They can use the points to play casino games, play in special tournaments and buy spins on slot machines. The use of points to play is actually the same as using cash. This extends the value of what a player has in his cash account at the online casino. Players who are active participants online will get a big push from the rewards in the loyalty program and this is the same as an extra cash deposit to the players account.

Bonus money no matter what source it comes from is extra gaming money for the player to gamble with. Special deposit days that are announced throughout the year are useful in getting players to keep money in their account. Positive account balances are very important in keeping players active. A zero balance means the player will need to put money in the account to play. This can be a wall for a player that is hesitant to put more money in the account. The bonus money from any of these sources can make the difference in keeping the player at play.


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