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Free Online Casino Cash Bonuses Portal

Free Casino Chips

Free Casino Chips are the same as free money for all intents and purposes. Free money is what free chips are all about and there are several ways that this can happen with a player that opens an account with the casino. The first way is the no deposit promotion that many casino run to attract new players to the casino. Some casinos will allow a player to play with a stake of say $500 for one hour and if the player wins more than the stake the player is credited the win in his account. This is free money for the player as they put up nothing for the risk they took and they won some money. The other free money program is the free spins that some casinos offer to a player to play 200 or 300 slot games in an hour. The procedure is the same as the first method and if the spins result in a win the profit is credited to the account. The next way to get free chips or money is to make a deposit and get a matching bonus.

As an aside the player in a live casino could be given free chips if the casino had a promotion going that the player qualified for. Online it is all about credits and virtual bets and virtual wins and losses.

Matching bonuses can be given to any deposit the casino wants it to apply to or wants to make a special promotion out of like a reload bonus. A reload bonus is just a deposit and bonus that is given as part of a special promotion that allows the player to reload the money in their account. Many players wait to take advantage of this bonus before they add to the balance in their casino account.

Another way to get free chips or money is to have a birthday and the casino will celebrate with you by giving you a small money gift. Another very easy way to get free money is to refer your friends to the casino and each one that puts money in an account will result in you getting a referral bonus. This can add up if you have a number of online gambling friends that open a real money account.

One of the common programs that many casinos offer is what is called a loyalty program that gives a player prizes, free spins and points that can be converted into money. A loyalty program is a reward for players who are very active players on the casino website and play a lot. Those that do this are given points that can be used to get prizes, entries in tournaments and can be converted to cash. Many casinos offer some form of this program and each sets its own rules or rewards. This program has proven to be very popular with players online.

All bonus programs are about getting free money into the hands of players and keeping money in the players account where it can then be played for real in the many forms of gaming that are available at the online casino. Players with money in their account will continue to play and that is what the casino wants to happen. The more players play the better chance the casino has to win some of their money. This is a fact that every casino manager is well aware of and this accounts for the variety of bonuses that online casinos offer. They can afford it, as they do not have the overhead that live casinos have to operate their casino.


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